Human Responsibility

"As human being all of us should take the responsibility to save these heavenly little creatures. All we could do, is to offer a little and a bit of hand by planting the plants with nectar rich flowers. So, these hard working honey bees can get the food."

Why Have a Nectar garden?

A lush green garden always catches the sight but it adds more beauty and value to the farm, when filled with nectar rich flowers. A nectar rich garden attracts the useful creatures such as honey bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Worker Bee

Honey Bee


Butter Fly

Humming bird

Humming Bird

An Ideal Location For The Nectar Garden

A sunny and sheltered place possibly could be an ideal location for the rich nectar flowers.

Plant With Nectar Rich Flowers

Nectar and pollen are the main floral resources for pollinators and lack of food is believed to be one of the major causes of pollination. However, we don’t really know the food value to pollinators of the different flower species. 

Plants with flowers rich in nectar like blue-flowering include, Russian sage,  sea holly, catnip, salvia, wisteria and eryngium. Honey bees also love Vitex agnus-castus, the chaste tree, for its aromatic lavender blooms. There are some other flowers ideal for the bee nectar garden, such as,  California fuchsia,verbena, penstemon, lamb’s ear or stachys.There are also herbs such as lavender, rosemary, calamint and basil are also an excellent nectar source for bees.

Honey bee causes